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Job search engine postings

Job search engine postings show zillions of available jobs. Are they really available? An employer's job postings does not always mean the company is looking to hire. 

Job search engine postings

It could mean that they are trying to see what talent is available in the workforce. They may be posting the job because the law requires it.They may already have a candidate in mind. Employer's need to place openings job search engine postings to show the government there is no available talent so they can request H1B visas. H1B visas allow companies to hire talent from outside the U.S. because there is no available talent in the U.S. Just a couple reasons why all openings shown as job search engine postings may not be legit.

Job search engine tactics

Job search engine for diversity candidates

When searching to fill job posts, a company will do many things, like stealing talent from competition or increasing their benefits package. Many companies are not doing either of these. Since 2009, monthly job hiring rate has only increase 45%, but monthly job postings have increased 153%! You have to question why wage growth has not increased with more benefits being offered to attract candidates. Postings on job search engine especially the major job search engine sites such as Indeed, Simply Hired, Monster could be a "phishing" sources for 3rd party recruiters wishing to attract marketable candidates. Candidates who apply with excellent credentials can be presented to a recruiter's client and, if hired, the recruiter earns a commission.

Job search engine for diversity candidates

Most employers recognize the country's demographics are changing dramatically. More women, veterans, LGBT, ethnic and other diverse individuals are representative of who comprises our nation's labor pool. It's surprising when viewing job search engine postings how few employers posting jobs include an EEO hiring statement in the job's content. Why? We think it's because HR allows job search engine to "scrap" job description off their site. Scrapped information seldom contains EEO policy statements. The best method for posting jobs which reflect an employer's work force culture philosophy is not using wholesale job scrapping methods. Posting an entire job's content manually is best and XML transfer is second best.

Is diversity branding important

Job search engine postings

Your company is competing in the real world for employee talent. Today, a significant identifier for considering a new employer is how welcoming and friendly is the employer's workplace. How do you learn about an employer's work place policies is to view the information found with the job's description included with the job search engine postings. No diversity content shown? Not Good! Consequently, diverse job seekers interested in knowing more about the job's details and the employer's workplace culture have to exit the job search engine to visit the employer's site. Job search engine normally provide direct link to the job but never to the employer's About Us web page where diversity content would be shown. People being people are less likely to spend more of their time searching for meaningful information, of interest to them, when it's not easily included with the job search postings. Show diversity content - images and text - with your job postings to encourage diversity talent to learn more about your company. Don't expect candidates will apply without having some insight and prior knowledge of the company's work place.

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DATE: 01-29-2022