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Forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?

Employers & Recruiters *Click Here to obtain either username or password.

How do I know if an employer account currently exists ?

*Enter Employer’s name as a search “keyword” Here.

What if an employer’s account already exists.

This situation is not unusual. National corporations,colleges and other organizations have personnel who work independent of others and may have already established an account. There is no benefit in establishing an additional /duplicate account for posting your diversity jobs.You can advertise your job, location, division, campus and department using your existing account. 

What should I do if an account already exists - or I am not sure ?

Allow us to post your diversity  jobs  (at no additional charge)  – Click on “Post A Job". Our staff will post your job(s) and send you a confirmation email.   

Diversity Jobs  - Posting Options:
  Individual Job Posting ( You post  'em - Easy to do )

Sign In to your account. Click on the link  "My Jobs" / Buy Job Post ". Complete credit card checkout. Return to your account & click on Paste Job 

Individual Job Posting ( We post 'em - no additional charge )

You are welcome to use our formPost A Jobto submit your job to our staff.

Multiple Job Postings ( We post 'em )

Employers with an existing discount job package should call us at 850-376-5567

*Unlimited Job Postings ( Site Scrape - "Hands Free"  )

Your diversity jobs posting process (FTP, Custom Wrap, or XML ) is managed by our technical services department. Call  850-376-5567 for assistance.

Payment Methods: How can I pay for my purchase? accepts Visa, Master Charge, PayPal and Google Check Out. Your payment is processed securely and a receipt is emailed to you..

Can I pay after the job is posted?

Sure. Please use our Post A Job form. We will call and collect your credit card information. Afterwards, your diversity job will be posted, a confirmation is sent to your email address. Your credit card will be processed at that time and a receipt is sent to you.

Do you offer discounts ?

Yes. - Our online pricing shows discount pricing for non-profit organizations specifically : .Edu, .Gov,.Org -  organizations only.  View Pricing

DATE: 09-28-2021