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Diversity Hiring Is Competitive

Diversity hiring is competitive! General unemployment in the U.S is below 4.7%. The availability of diverse men and women professionals, faculty and management is far less. Reality has settled in within many for profit and non-profit entities. Reality is the volume of talent who were mainstay employees at "old school" diversity free workplaces culture is shrinking. Fortune 1000 companies recognized the shift in U.S. demographics 25 years ago. Many began modifying their corporate diversity and inclusion recruitment outreach. Their outreach to diversity the boardroom remains a achievable goal. Funny! Believe it or not there are still regional organizations with 300 plus employees still in a "tell me it isn't so" state of mind. Meanwhile the intensity to source, hire and retain diverse talent is approaching manic levels. Organizations who are late to the party find diversity hiring is competitive. Many are in search of best diversity hiring tips and are reluctant to accept there are no "silver bullets" for insuring absolute success. In upcoming blog articles we will share our opinions on how diversity hiring is competitive and to offer strategies to level the playing field.

Diversity Hiring Is Competitive

Job Descriptions

Take a step back and view the standard job descriptions contained your organizations human resource manual. Yeah.. who wrote those job descriptions ! Here's some suggestions if you can negotiate with human resources in allowing you to post a job posting designed to attract rather than frighten diverse candidates.
1: Be gender neutral. Job description text should use gender neutral language and make no assumptions or suggestions about the gender identity of job seekers.
2: Express a happy tone. Make sure the content is welcoming and friendly. Listing 15 or more duties required, mandatory qualifications identifying the perfect candidate, omitting compensation and benefits are guaranteed to discourage good ( not perfect ) candidates from applying. Let diverse candidates know your workplace is friendly - not toxic.
3: Advertise your organization's diversity outreach programs in by including images of diverse employees, explaining participation in community events and adding pertinent links to pages on your site. Most job board job posting templates provide space for adding this type of information.

Diversity Hiring
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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed our article regarding Diversity Hiring Is Competitive!

DATE: 01-29-2022