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Major Company CEOs Pledge to Advance Diversity and Inclusion!

In this environment of hate and divisiveness, major company CEOs are pledging to promote diversity and inclusion. Tim Ryan, the US Chairman for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, along with business

Diversity and Inclusion

leaders of the largest corporations, are working to create the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge. Over 150 CEOs, in over 45 industries have committed to the pledge so far. They are committing to create workplaces where different perspectives are welcome and differences are appreciated.

But, Will The Pledge Work ?

CEOs Pledge to Advance Diversity and Inclusion

The initiative is the largest CEO driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion, ever!  With just 1% of the nations Fortune 500 CEOs being black,  4% being women and a smaller percentage openly Gay, the odds are against it.  Are we really going to look to the status quo to drive change? Are these not the same CEOs that allowed the current environment of discrimination and intimidation to continue for so long?   Will being accountable to other CEOs really push inclusion and the appreciation for differences in corporate America and beyond ? Not sure, but it's a first step, and one that has never been taken before.

Accountable For Change!

In the past, small groups within our corporate structure worked to push change in the workplace environment.  Maybe driving change from CEOs down to management will create the change we have so anxiously been looking for.  Tim Ryan thinks so and said in the Friday's edition of the Guardian. He believes that the business community can inspire and cultivate change from the inside out. That is a thought... Could corporate advertisers pulling their money from networks or shows they don't agree with be an effect of this? Go to the site and read the pledge  Look at the corporations that have already  committed.  Make sure your company is on the list and if they are not urge them to join! Tim Ryan also said in June 12th edition of the Guardian, "that by working together towards diversity and inclusion, industries and the broader business community, can cultivate real change for society."  

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed our article regarding Major Company CEOs Pledge to Advance Diversity and Inclusion!

DATE: 01-29-2022