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Bogus Web Traffic

“I pity the fool” is accredited to Mr T when asked about Rocky Balboa before their Rocky 3 match. Mr. T’s sentiments could apply to employers who trust bogus web traffic. Bogus web traffic is data collected fraudulently by software "bots". Some recruiters feel the safe bet is to post jobs on websites who boast big traffic stats. The reality is those statistics are based on bogus web site traffic data. In addition, some of the statistical information sought has no bearing on the employer's ability to attract qualified talent. Imagine you are in need of a science professor with a Ph.d or a senior database administrator with 6 years experience. Here are some very common questions we encounter from newbie diversity employers. Consider how the answers to these questions may or may not render useful information. Now consider if the career board you've chosen exaggerates their answers.

Frequently Asked Web Traffic Questions:

web traffic

1: How manufacturers post jobs on A) About 200 .. maybe twice as many. Don't know. 2:How many unique visitors visit each month ? A) Unique visitor is a term used in Web analytics to refer to a person who visits a site at least once within the reporting period. Each visitor to the site is only counted once during the reporting period, so if the same IP address accesses the site the site many times, it still only counts as one visitor. About 40,000 give or take. 3: How many Latin female engineers visit A: Don't know. Visitors are not required to log in since many do not wish to leave evidence they are in search of a new job. 4:What percentage of women versus men visit your site. A: Don't know. We do not question visitors. We feel our audience mimics the current unemployed / under-employed US population 5: Do you attract veterans and the disabled ? A) Yes. How many veterans and what types of disabilities is unknown. 6: Does share my posting with other sites and networks. A) No. "Sharing" job information with other websites can expose our client to fraud and abuse of their information.For example, a 30 day posting on, if shared, can remain on another websites for 6 months after the job has been filled. This situation frustrates job seekers when they learn the job is no longer active. Their frustration has a lasting negative impact on the employer's diversity brand. 7: How do you advertise my posting? A) We distribute your posting to a variety of partner organizations with whom we have confidentiality contracts. 8: Who are your partners? A) Confidentiality contracts means the information is proprietary

Phantom Web Traffic

Bogus Web Traffic

Employers who are inexperienced in recruiting diverse professionals, managers and executives are influenced by broad marketing claims proclaimed by some career websites. Perhaps you've seen or been told: 
1: we cross post your job to over 100 plus "partner sites"
2: we spend our money sponsoring your job on major career sites
3:our database contains over 100,000 resumes
4: you are posting to an independent association site - not a job board
5: use us because we are a network of diversity sites
6: posting on a single job board is not enough
7:we specialize in recruiting for the ( fill in your industry name here )
8: our candidate traffic exceeds one million unique visitors each month !
10: over 50% of engineers visiting our site are female
11:only job seekers accustomed to earning over 100K use our site
12:we have strong recruiting ties with HBCUs
13: last month, we had over 2.5 million page views!
14: advertise your work place culture ? - no, it's not necessary.
15: subscribers ? over 6 million receive our online articles ( not postings )
16:our diversity racial demographics ? - 42 % African American, 32% Hispanic, 8% Asian & 2% Native Americans
17: try us. post your jobs for free.
18: we advertise nationally but we are strongest recruiting locally

Bots Among Us

web traffic

Once a dirty little secret, the problem of  bogus Web traffic is caused  by so called “bots”. Bots are computer programs that mimic the mouse movements and clicks humans make. Bots  give the impression that a person is visiting a website those increasing the site’s traffic statistics., Bot activity had received  significant amount of attention over the past few years. The Wall Street Journal announced in May 2014 that “A “Crisis” in Online Ads: One third of traffic is bogus” Three years later, the situation has worsen. Bogus web traffic generation has become a science of sort.

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed our article regarding Bogus Web Traffic

DATE: 01-29-2022