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As corporate diversity programs and initiatives continue to gain strength and gather momentum across the country, the boundaries of diversity are extending well beyond the more traditional concepts of race and sex to include sexual orientation, national origin and religion. Today, creating a corporate culture of inclusion means embracing and leveraging the benefits of building and maintaining a work force with a broad variety of language skills and cultural backgrounds, as well as a wide range of ages, physical abilities and disabilities. For over 16 years, has led the niche recruiting industry by offering global,national and local organizations the best in advertising diversity jobs.

about us - diversityThe most enlightened companies are using their diversity initiatives to spread this expanded, more inclusive concept of diversity to their vendors and suppliers, who themselves are demanding that diversity become an integral part of the way companies do business. The most successful companies will be those that recognize the power of diversity in their work forces and in their product mix, and effectively create products and services that appeal to their increasingly diverse customer bases. These companies know that diversity will become even more important in the coming years, and that the leading companies will be those best reflecting the increasingly diverse marketplaces they serve.

about us - diversity zone has been a leader in the diversity jobs market since 2000. We offer job opportunities in a wide class of industries such as business, information technology, manufacturing, health care, finance ,retail, accounting and legal, construction and many more, we provide from customer service jobs all the way up to high level executive positions. Unlike other sites we see diversity recruiting as a subset of the large market with its own particular needs and preferences, and we can offer closer proximity to expirienced and knowlegable candidates. Companies who show their dedication to accepting diversity people will attract more highly qualified candidates than companies who do not. Keeping diversity hired personnel will also show that your organization has a high standard for ethics, which is major to your business’ reputation outside of the company and within. Workplace diversity refers to a place of business that employs men and women from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc. offers a variety of diversity job posting options.. For instance, employers can advertise for any time duration, hire for single or multiple locations, choose automatic job posting renewal while enjoying unlimited free viewing of job seeker profiles (resumes). Diversity’s staff is available to post your jobs at no additional cost. Click Here.

diversity zone - about usBest practices companies manage their workforce brand closely. An employer brand that has been developed with diversity at its heart forms the best foundation for the development of attraction strategies geared to drive inclusion.’s expertise in combining cultural branding and recruitment communications have assisted many employers achieve well deserved recognition. is the only diversity career website in America to provide professionally designed branding webpages for it's clients.

DATE: 10-26-2021